10 Truths About Having A Second Child

10 Truths About Having A Second Child

Alright, so let’s just jump straight into it…you have your second child on the way, or your at least thinking about it. Going from one to two babies means double the love, double the kisses, double the smiles, and double the memories. Sounds so wonderful right?

WRONG! Ha just kidding…but seriously, it also means double the tears, double the poop, double the responsibilities, double the laundry, and double the chaos.

You might think you know everything there is to know about motherhood, because everything is going great with baby number one. I hate to be the one to burst your bubble, but having a second child changes the game (Don’t worry, not every change is bad).

Here are 10 truths about having a second baby.

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1. First, Prepare To Never Sleep Again

Tired mom laying in bed

When you have your first baby, you can sleep when the baby sleeps. With two, you can kiss that dream goodbye. You have a baby all night long, and the older child (and baby) all day.

And just because kids are pain in the butts, they will probably never nap at the same time either. Repeat after me…caffeine!!!

2. Your House Will Be Taken Over By Baby AND Kid Stuff.

You probably won’t be able to turn a corner without tripping over something.

With one baby, you have baby stuff, and that’s it. When the baby grows into a toddler, you can pack up all of the baby stuff and replace it with toddler stuff. With both a baby and an older child, you have to have both. No matter how much you clean and organize your home, it will be everywhere. Really, there is no avoiding this.

3. Supervising Around The Clock

With one child, you probably have your house baby proofed, and if you don’t, you should probably look into doing that. Your older child can probably entertain themselves for at least a little while, so you can get things done around the house.

You might be thinking you can sit your new baby in their swing or rock n’ play for a nap and be productive around the house. Well I have news for you, your older child will most likely be obsessed with the baby, and they will want to rock and swing them (at dangerous speeds I might add).

So the smart mom that you are, you will put the baby in the pack n’ play to prevent this. But your older child will still find a way to get to that baby. They will all of a sudden decide to share their toys, and launch them at the baby.  

Your eyes will have to be on the kids at ALL times. You will not have time for anything else! At some point your house will look like a tornado went through the place, and you just won’t have the time to clean.

Then you will realize you should have had dinner ready 30 minutes ago, so you’ll find the quickest thing you can throw together and hope you can pass it as a meal.

Speaking of not having any time to do anything besides taking care of kids. You will never have any time to yourself! Consider yourself lucky if you get 30 minutes to yourself everyday.

4. Your Older Child WILL Get Jealous

They have had all the attention to themselves up until this point. You can do all the research you want to prevent this, and it might be extremely helpful, but jealousy is still bound to happen.

The jealousy might come on in different forms for different reasons, but it will happen. You will have to make individual special time for both kids EVERYDAY!

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5. You Will Have Mom Guilt

Then your day will come to an end, and you will kiss your kids goodnight, and the mom guilt will set in. You will worry that you didn’t spend enough time playing with your older child. Then, you will worry you didn’t spend enough time snuggling the baby.

It’s possible that you might even spend many nights lying awake thinking you are a terrible mom. You might even sob uncontrollably about the subject. But I am here to tell you that things will get better!

6. Your Older Child Will Grow Up Fast

No matter the age of your older child, having a baby around will make you realize how old they really are.

They will probably want to help with the new baby, and it will be the most adorable thing you will ever witness. If you are smart, you will accept their help. You would be surprised how helpful an older sibling can actually be.

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7. They Will Keep Each Other Busy

Once your older child gets used to having the baby around, and learns how to interact with the baby properly. They will both be entertained for hours.

All that time you lost after baby number two was born, will slowly start coming back.

8. They Will Be Best Friends

This will just be the start of a lifelong friendship, and you will be able to see them grow closer by the day. They will hug each other, kiss each other, and cuddle each other.

You will catch a glimpse of them holding hands, and you will start to sob (even harder than what the mom guilt caused). You will witness them get worried about each other, and you will realize you gave them each the best gift possible: a sibling, a best friend, and a lifelong companion.

9. You Will Constantly Be Proud

Your older child with do something that impresses you, and you’ll think that you could never be prouder. Then you will turn around, and the baby will reach a new milestone, and you will probably just burst out in happy tears.

Everyday will be filled with proud mom moments. You will have two children to love, to watch over, and watch grow up.

10. You Will Never Be Happier

Think about how you feel about your first born child. You would give the world for that child, and would do anything to give them happiness. More than likely, you would climb any mountain or cross any ocean if it meant improving your child’s life. You probably can’t even look at them without your face hurting from smiling so much.

Now take all those feelings and double it. What could be any better than this? The answer is nothing! There is absolutely nothing better in this world than having love for two kids. You will have two kids calling you mom, giving you sticky kisses, crawling up on your lap, and making your life the best it could be.

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Are you expecting your second baby? What are you nervous about?

Do you already have two kids? What changed for you? Share in the comments, I would love to hear your story!

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  1. I’m a SAHM who also has two kiddos. Forget about an older kid and a baby….mine are 18 months apart lol. There’s always a case of Monkey See, Monkey Do going on over here. Coffee for sure please!

    Angel | Mommy-ing Differently

  2. We have 2 girls. It was most challenging so far in the beginning when second baby wasn’t sleeping through the night. Now that they both sleep all night, it’s so nice! I like your positive messages in the end 🙂

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