9 Differences Between First and Second Time Moms

9 Differences Between First and Second Time Moms

Hey you, are you a second time mom? Any soon to be second time moms? Well, chances are your life is going to change DRASTICALLY!

Once your second child is born, you will now have two kids to keep alive all day every day.

That is not all, don’t forget you have to feed them, change them, and clean up after them too!

Oh, and if your a top notch mom, you will also play with them, read to them, and teach them life lessons.

But how will your parenting style change when you are given double the mess and responsibility??

Here are 9 difference between first and second time moms! 😀

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1. Changing Table

I am going to take a wild guess and say that with your first child, you had a changing table in their nursery. You would take the baby in there and change their diaper every time it was the slightest bit wet.

Well, once you are a second time mom, your changing table will probably just be the couch, or floor, or where you are at when your baby needs their diaper changed.

And let’s face it, you have too many things going on dealing with two kids, so you might not even realize your baby needs a diaper change until it’s sagging down to their knees.

2. Baby Clothes

Second time moms do not care what their children look like as much as first time moms.

With your first born, you put them in the adorable new and fresh clothes you were given at your baby shower, and show them off to the world.

Second born children, get the stained hand me down clothes.

I have a confession– both of my kids are growing at rapid rates and outgrowing most of their winter clothes. I want to wait to buy them new clothes until it gets a little bit closer to summer.

It was right before bedtime last night, and I realized neither one of my kids have jammies to wear to bed, because I am lazy, and have not done laundry in a few days.

So my son wore my daughter’s hot pink pajamas that she doesn’t fit into yet, and my daughter wore my son’s blue pajamas that he has outgrown. 🤨

Oops…if you have had something similar happen, then I know you are a second time mom.

3. Screen Time

“SCREENS ARE BAD FOR CHILDREN UNDER 2 YEARS OLD!” New moms hear this all the time. As a first time mom, you will keep screens far away!!

First time moms are crafty and come up with creative games and activities for their kids to do instead of watching or playing on a screen.

Well, a second time just doesn’t have time for arts and crafts every single day. You will probably catch yourself putting your kids in front of the TV more often that you would like to admit.

I’m guilty.

However, my son uses the Kindle Kids Edition, and he has learned so much from some of the apps. He is not even two yet, and is starting to learn all his letters and write them! Read how I was able to get him talking and learning so early, here!

4. Germs

First time mom will wash the pacifier every time it falls on the floor, and second time moms will just give the pacifier back to their baby. I’m sure you have all heard someone say this before.

But I am not just talking about this…

First time moms will carry hand sanitizer around; second time moms don’t have the patience for this.

When you are a first time mom, you will watch your baby like a hawk to make sure they do not get into anything they are not supposed to. Second time moms will probably not even notice all of the foreign objects your second born is putting in their mouths.

5. Pictures

If your a mom, I know you take a million pictures of your kids. We all do it! A first time mom will take beautifully set up pictures, and take the time to get the perfect picture….every time.

A second time mom has too many other things that need her attention, so she will just snap a pictures and hope for the best.

You will also notice, even though you have pictures of both of your kids, you will have a ton more pictures of your first born.

If you are guilty of this, read how you can take pictures to document your baby’s milestones here.

Mom with baby

6. Dirty House

A first time mom will want to keep her house clean, because her baby will be crawling around on the floor.

A clean house completely goes out the window when you have two kids. Between all the things you have to do for two kids, you will not have time to get down on your hands and knees to clean the floor, let alone remember to load the dishwasher.

Picture this, you clean your living room, and it is completely spotless. Then you go into your kitchen, do the dishes, wipe the counters down, and by the time you get back into your living room, it will look like more of a disaster than it did before you cleaned it the first time.

That is what life is like with two kids!

7. Baby Toys

A first time mom will get all of the best baby rattles and teething toys for their baby, only to find out that your baby could really care less about these toys.

A second time mom doesn’t waste her time with buying rattles and teething toy, and will just automatically know that any household item keeps a baby occupied for much longer!

The TV remote, a spoon, or a lid to a cup or sippy cups are second time mom’s go to baby toys.

8. Mom’s Beauty Routine

A first time mom will still be able to find time to fit in her daily beauty routine. She will be able to do her hair and makeup, and look like a model before she leaves the house.

When you have two kids, your daily beauty products consist of: dry shampoo, a pony tail, and chap stick (if you even have time for that).

Because I am so guilty of this, this is my all time favorite dry shampoo!

If you do make time to actually do your hair and makeup, you will be doing it with a child hanging on your leg, and the other one screaming bloody murder in the other room.

9. Mom Guilt

When you first become a mom, you can put your heart and soul into parenting and spending quality time with your baby.

With your second baby, you will want to pour your heart and soul into your baby, but you will not have as much time as you did with your first baby.

It will definitely be a struggle trying to find time to love and cuddle each kid individually.

How did you change when you became a second time mom? Share with me in the comments! 😁


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