9 Simple Ways To Document Baby’s Milestones

9 Simple Ways To Document Baby’s Milestones

So many new and exciting things happen during a baby’s first year; you will blink, and your little one will already be onto their next phase. That is why it is super important to document ALL of your baby’s milestones during their first year (and beyond).

It is crazy how fast babies grow up, and if you are anything like me, you don’t want to miss a single moment. I am so lucky that I get to be a stay-at-home mom, and I get to witness each and every milestones my babies hit.

Let’s dive straight into it, so you can get started documenting your baby’s milestones right away!!

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1. Monthly Milestone Pictures

I love the idea of being able to see how much a baby changes from month to month.

This is such an awesome idea, because you can use these pictures at your child’s first birthday party, to show your friends and family how much your baby has actually grown over the last year.

You can use milestones stickers, like I did with my son. These are great, because they are really easy to use, and you can take pictures of your child anywhere in any position. I found this to be very crucial when my son decided he didn’t want to lay flat or sit in one spot anymore.

Check out all of the cool milestone sticker designs here!

You could also use milestone blocks, like I did with my daughter (at least up until she was mobile, and wouldn’t leave the blocks alone).

Compare milestone blocks here!

You could also use a milestone blanket. I have never used a milestone blanket with my children, but I definitely wish that I did. These blankets are so adorable, and come in so many colors and designs. You can even get personalized blankets!

Come see all of the milestone blanket designs here!

2. Monthly Milestone Information Cards

Taking monthly pictures is a great idea, but making monthly milestone information cards is even better! You will be able to look back, and remember exactly how your baby acted, what they were doing, what they liked and didn’t like, and so much more.

You can make these on any photo editing app. Just get creative, because you can do so much with this idea!

3. Weekly Milestone Pictures

Taking monthly pictures seems to very popular, but not too many parents try to take weekly pictures.

This is my absolute favorite, because from week to week there never seems to be too much change in the way a baby looks or act. After a few months, you will look back at the pictures and realize how quickly your little baby is growing up.

If you get the milestone blocks, they can be used for weekly pictures too (or even daily if you feel up to it).

4. “Firsts” Pictures

When I was a new mom, I was always wondering when my son should be hitting certain milestones. I would ask other moms when their child hit these milestones, and they would never know the answer!!

This wasn’t going to be me; I wanted to be able to look back and see the exact date my children said their first word or took their first steps.

I thought a fun way to do this, would be to take pictures of my kids when they did something for the first time, and document it right there and then on the picture!

I’m so happy I started doing this, and I will continue to do this throughout my children’s entire childhood.

5. Take Pictures and Videos of EVERYTHING

Most parents take pictures and videos of their children without even realizing they are documenting their baby’s milestones.

I take multiple pictures of each of my kids every day. I take pictures of them sleeping, playing, eating, and everything in between.

This might sound weird, but hear me out…

Today, I gave my son yogurt and chicken nuggets with ranch. I went to get my daughter’s food, and when I came back he was eating spoonfuls of ranch by itself, and dipping his chicken nuggets in the yogurt.

To me, this was an opportunity to take a video of him, because one day he will learn table manners and how to use silverware properly, and my heart will break when I think back to my little two year old that ate spoonfuls of ranch.

The reason I take pictures and video of everything is because instead of thinking back on the moment, I can look back at the moment, and remember how silly and adorable my babies were.

6. Baby Books

Baby books are awesome keepsakes to have. This a great place to document your pregnancy and thoughts about being a new mom (or a mom again). You can document your baby’s weight, height, doctor appointments, and more firsts.

Baby books are a good place to keep printed out photos (everything seems to be digitalized these days).

You can get personalized baby books at My 1st Years, along with a ton of other great personalized items for your baby’s 1st year.

7. Height Chart

I love documenting my children’s growth. A height chart is something you can keep forever, and you can look back and see how much your little one has grown.

Another bonus is you can continue to add to the chart well beyond their first birthday.

Come and check out these height charts to decide what is right for you.

8. Keepsake Boxes

I have a confession to make- I hate getting rid of my baby’s things! I just want to keep EVERYTHING.

My husband and I have a keepsake box (really it’s just a huge storage tub) for each of our kids. We kept documents from their births, their favorite baby toys, special outfits, personalized baby gifts, first artwork, and so much more.

My husband even kept the scissors he used to cut the umbilical cord with each baby.

These will be fun to pull out in 30 years, and see how much the times have changed!

9. Time Capsule

This idea is my FAVORITE idea to document baby’s milestones, because it is from the perspective of family and friends.

Create a time capsule for your child first birthday, and have everyone that attends your child’s first birthday party write your child a letter.

You can decide if your child will open them on their 18th, 20th, or 21st birthday.

Have people include stories about things your child did during their first year, their favorite memory of your child from the last year, or predictions of your child’s future.

This is a great idea, because chances are that everyone that attends your child’s first birthday will not be around for your child’s 18th birthday, but yet your child will still be able to open a letter from them.

Here are some other ideas to include in your time capsule:

  • Coins from the year your child was born
  • Newspapers
  • Magazines
  • Pictures
  • Small toys
  • Yearly statistics from the year they were born

How do you document your baby’s milestones? Share in the comments. 😆



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